Women Carried Along the Motherland…

The day I embarked to cross oceans,
My hands holding my children’s, my pockets empty,
I left the land where my cord was cut, my placenta buried,
And wondered when I would have a peaceful life.

I left my native land behind,
Not knowing what was left of my life,
The past is gone, don’t mourn over it,
Look back at our country, but shed no tears.

I thought I had reincarnated
To a new race, a new language,
I shed skin to a water hyacinth’s fate,
To my new humankind in a distant land.

Who could have guessed, decades have passed,
After many fierce winds and waves,
Nature changed, stars moved,
I look at myself and it’s still me.

On foreign soil, traditions would fade away,
But surprise, we still live our familiar ways ;
Our native land we thought we’ve lost,
Rebuilt here with our women’s hands.

J. B. Ho
October 29, 2006