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Hong Yao Minh (BP73)


Hello Mates,

Thanh Huong and I just came back from Australia a week ago after being there for two weeks. We visited Melbourne, Sidney and the Great Barrier Reef which was definitely the highlight of the trip because I had another chance to dive again after more than 30 years in the familiar surroundings which is very similar to the beaches and waters where I used to spend my youth days during the hot summer months in Danang in the early 70s’.

Many thanks to Dung and Thu for their warm hospitality and for Hao joining us even for just a couple of days in Sidney from Adelaide. I also had a chance to meet a few more BPs’ (from the upper classes). Some of you may recognize them in the links below.

It’s a beautiful country with very friendly folks we met thru out the whole trip. Late November is the best time to be there since it’s at the end of Spring (opposite from us in northern hemisphere) with very pleasant weather yet warm enough for a swim in the ocean…

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season. Take care.


Minh Hong

Photos et plus

Hong Yao Tong (BP71)

You’re invited to view my online photos. Enjoy !


These links contain the photos taken during our recent trip of the Fall in Japan in early November 2016. Enjoy the colorful scenery of Japan !

11/4/2016 – Landscape En Route to/from Kegon Falls, Nikko :

11/4/2016 – Kegon Falls, Nikko :

11/4/2016 – Tosho Shrine, Nikko :

11/5/2016 – Imperial Palace, Tokyo :

11/5/2016 – Tokyo Waterfront at Sunset :

11/6/2016 – Color of Fall in Karuizawa Ginza, Gunma :

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A trip made at the end of September to the canadian Rockies in Banff and Jasper National Parks . Enjoy Mother Nature’s fall color :

Happy Spring time (April 2010)

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Trip to Greece-Turkey (Nov 2009) with my traveling group of relatives .

Athens first day * Athens City Tour * Mykonos island * Ancient City of Ephesus in Turkey * Kusadasi, Turkey * Patmos * Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes Island * Medieval Town and seaport of Rhodes * Crete * Santorini * Corinth Canal-Epidaurus Amphitheater-Treasury of Atreus-Tomb of Agamennon * Olympia Hotel * Ancient Stadium of Olympia * Museum of Olympia * En Route to Delphi * Amelia Hotel-Delphi * Museum of Delphi * Apollo & Athena Temples * Kalambaka & Meteora

Enjoy. You may fall in love with the scenery in some of the places !

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The Big Island – Apr 2008
Colorful scenery and flowers of the tropical island where my wife and I spent a week. The warm ocean water reminded me of Son Tra Beach in DN !

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Boston,MA – part 2/2 – 2007

Early autumn in the Sierra
Hello Everyone,
These photos were taken last weekend along Highway 108 at around 6000 ft. marking the change in color of the Sierra landscape in the Fall. Enjoy the scenery

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Photos of our trip to Europe from May 11 to June 8 2006. We did a tour of Italy, Switzerland & France. We had a very good time together with a group of 11 people : 4 of us from USA, 4 from Australia, 2 from New Zealand & an Intrepid tour leader from Ireland. Our first stop was Rome. Enjoy !

Rome – Italy (May 06)

Pisa – Italy (May 06)

We spent an entire day in Florence & found a chinese restaurant for dinner. Just love the sunset view of the Vecchio Bridge !
Florence – Italy (May 06)

We spent 2 days (5/21 & 22) in Stresa/Lake Magiore before going on to Lucerne, Switzerland. Beautiful area although it was a bit overcast ! The first 3 slides are in Milan a short stopover before leaving for Stresa
Stresa – Italy (May 06)

This is our most favorite spot in Italy : a walk thru 5 coastal villages along a +/-9 km trail. It took us about 8 hours to visit the 5 villages by foot. There is also a railway which one can catch the train between villages. Excellent view of the ocean and very interesting residential architecture as you can see thru these photos. Enjoy !
Cinque Terre – Italy (May 06)

We spent a day up & down to/from Jungfraujoch at 11,742 ft altitude. A spectacular view & we lucked out for having a clear day at the top of Europe. From Wengen, we hiked down to the valley, about a 2-hour walk all downhill for a 1,500 ft drop. We met a young bicylist biking uphill along the trail. Is he in shape
Jungfraujoch – Switzerland (May 06)

The day after visiting Junfraujoch, we rented bikes from Lauterbrunnen at 796 meters to ride down to Interlaken at 567 meters elevation. Thanks God it is a downhill ride ! We took an easy way back : put our bike on the train. There is so much to see in the Swiss Alpes : one can easily spend a week for hiking around. There are a couple dozen of trails. Late May is the best time to be there with wild flowers in bloom. I would be back in 5 years, any taker ?
Interlaken – Switzerland (May 06)

We spent 5 hours in Bern on our way from Lauterbrunnen to Dijon, France. A lovely rose garden up in the hill we visited. Too early for roses but azaleas, irises, wisterias and rhododendrums are in full bloom in late May.
Bern – Switzerland (May 06)

We spent 2 days & nights in Dijon and made a day trip to Beaune. This is where Dijon mustard comes from. We were to take a bike ride in Beaune but weather was not cooperating.
Dijon & Beaune – France (June 06)

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Wild Flowers (Jan 2006)

Hwy 1 south of Monterey (February 2006)

We just spent last weekend in Italy. Just dreaming !
Actually it is along Hwy 1 south of Monterey to Big Sur in celebrating our 25th anniversary. Beautiful weather and scenery and fine dining of italian cuisine. Cielo restaurant just south of Big Sur at 1200 ft above sea level is splendid. Highly recommended for italian cuisine.
Enjoy the view.