Aid to Viet Nam

April 07, 2007

Dear Pascalien(ne)s and Friends,

During the 2007 Tet Dinh Hoi season and in the spirit of “La’ lanh` dum` la’ rach”, BP-USA with its Xangsane Committee launched a second aid operation to benefit the typhoon-affected residents in the areas located around DaNang. Aid during this operation includes gifts and currency (Tet’s li`xi`) to children, elderly and blinds of the villages. Moreover, aid is also distributed to the local schools and families whose homes were badly damaged during the typhoon.

We are very happy we now have some photos to share with you, thanks to the BaoThang Temple and its wonderful nuns for conducting this aid distribution to the local residents of the typhoon ravaged areas. They disbursed aid and cash (li xi) to over 112 under-privileged families, 301 blind persons in Dien Ban and Hoi An. Furthermore, 130 young students from the schools of Son Phong, Kim Dong, Nguyen Binh Khiem and Tran Quoc Toan received li xi and school supplies for Tet. Last but not least, gifts to 51 handicapped youngsters were not forgotten during this Tet season.

In all, we have raised close to $10,000 during this Xangsane aid campaign from Pascalien(ne)s like you, and from many supportive friends of Lycee Blaise Pascal. It has been an exhilarating experience for all of us involved in this endeavor. Pascalien(ne)s and their friends spent countless hours making this operation a real success, similar to our aid operation during the Flood in Danang/Hue that happened a few years ago.

Once again we appreciate your generosity in helping ease the sufferings of the victims of our beloved childhood hometown. We always turn to your benevolence when a calamity occurs even though we pray there would not be another one happening.

We wish you and your families happiness, prosperity and peace always.

Best regards,

For the Xangsane Steering Committee

BP-USA Xangsane Steering Committee :
Pham Le Thuy – Ho Quy Dung – Jacques Rochel Tonnu Nhu Hanh – Hong Thong – Phan Thanh Huong Nguyen Gia Uyen